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There's No Place Like Home - Unplug - Apples and Maple Bourbon

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For us from Indiana, there really is no place like home and this delicious scent will make you never want to leave home...

Smells of fresh figs infused with top notes of orange, hints of strawberry and tart notes of rhubarb to create a sophisticated summer fragrance.

These beautiful candles are made by using 100% soy wax, essential fragrance oils, lead-free braided cotton wicks and other recycled materials.  As a result, the candles burn clean and are environmentally-friendly! Soy candles have a lower melting point, which allows them to burn longer and more efficiently! 

Unplug Soy Candles are 100% handcrafted. We expect excellence in providing these  premium quality, highly-fragranced soy candles.  From the cutting and polishing of the glass bottles to the pouring of the wax, each candle is made in an artisanal way.