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Real Techniques MultiTask Set

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Packaged with the Multitask Set are the Multitask Cheek Brush, Multitask Eye Brush and the Multitask Face Brush made with brand new cuts, doubling the use of each brush! Use the Multitask Cheek Brush with a little foundation and simply work in the product to needed coverage areas of the face. The Multitask Cheek Brush doubles its use for perfect contouring the face and even adding highlight to smaller areas.

Use the Multitask Eye Brush with concealer under the eyes or with an eyeshadow for lightly dusting onto the lid- either use provides a perfect finish! When applying a powder or a bronzer, the Multitask Face Brush is great for achieving a glow all through the face, jawline, the neck. With the new angled cut of the Multitask Face Brush, achieving an effortless glow becomes simple due to the perfect fit that the brush has all around the face.