Black and Gold Star Beaded Coin Purse

When I found myself carrying clear purses a few nights a week into arenas, I knew I needed a solution for all the crap you could see in my bag. My purse is filled with lipglosses, tampons, band-aids, etc. I'm a Mary Poppins kind of bag gal and when I downsize it doesn't change... In comes the beaded coin purse. Haven't carried a coin purse in 20 years? Yep, I know. But I don't use mine for coins! I fit all my little necessities in here and it adds style to my clear bag!

You might ask, doesn't this defeat the purpose of the clear bag? No, because the coin purse is small enough there is no issue. 

This coin purse pairs perfectly with this guitar strap: and this clear bag:

$ 22.99
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