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"Do it.In Love" Heather Grey - Give by Grace - Tee Shirt

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50% Poly; 25% Cotton; 25% Rayon

Give by Grace was founded by Logan Grace Gary with a very simple fundraise for her first mission trip to Tanzania. From that little seed, Give by Grace was formed to provide a fundraising effort for thousands of people to support mission trips all across the world. Know that with each and every product purchased, 100% of the proceeds go to support the mission of one of our selected missionaries.

Give By Grace remains committed to helping fundraise for affordable, safe and impactful mission trips in over 40 countries. Serving on a mission enables one to serve a community abroad all while immersing oneself in a foreign culture. The benefit to the locals affected by the mission's presence is immediate and apparent. The benefit for the missionary is long lasting and profound. 

 Thank you for supporting our mission of supporting so many missions!